Accelerator kitchens are unique.

Many people confuse an accelerator kitchen with a commercial kitchen, or an incubator kitchen.

While we have a commercial kitchen, it differs a little from the way many other commercial kitchens operate – primarily that we’re not a kitchen you want to use if you’re just getting started.

Our specialty is helping existing start-ups, SMBs, and large businesses ramp up production of an existing product.

So, how can we help you?

MARYLAND PACKAGING is an FDA and a USDA Co-Packer and Co-Manufacturer with a massive amount of packaging lines and formats.

We take a successful client from the incubation stage into the acceleration stage.

We have many packaging lines that are redundant, but with different speeds. For example, we have semi automated bottling lines for very small clients that have a small volume and can not afford to book time on a medium or high speed line. For larger clients, we have
bottling lines that are made for high volumes and high through puts, all the way up to massive high speed lines that can produce 50,000 bottles a shift – hence the term accelerate.

We have this capacity range for almost every single packaging format.

By mitigating start-up costs and providing a nurturing environment, Maryland Packaging helps firms grow and stay in their communities.

up to
50,000 bottles
per shift
Made for
small and
high volumes