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High Pressure Processing (HPP)

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We’ve gathered articles from reputable scientific outlets about high pressure processing so you can research HPP straight from the horse’s mouth.

Global High-pressure Processing (HPP) Equipment Market 2019 Future Trends

13 April 2019

This is a market research report on High Pressure Processing, including market share and growth rate by food categories such as meat products, drinks, seafood, fruits and vegetables.


HPP Keeps Food Safe, While Extending Shelf Life

25 September 2018

Insights into the rise of High Pressure Processing in food production potentially linked to consumer trends such as a desire for: sustainability and good-for-you ingredients. HPP can extend shelf-life of foods (thus reducing food waste), and can be packaged without chemical additives.


High Pressure Processing (HPP) Market Globally Expected to Drive Growth through 2016 – 2024

5 November 2017

A study of market projections in the growth of High Pressure Processing in the coming years. Major factors evaluated include: 1. consumer attitudes about chemical treatments (which aren’t needed in HPP); 2. lower energy consumption making HPP a more viable environmental solution; and 3. reduced risk in post processing contamination.


The effect of high-pressure processing on colour, bioactive compounds, and antioxidant activity in smoothies during refrigerated storage

1 February 2016

High Pressure Processing has minimal effects on color, antioxidant properties, and other aspects of food quality, content, and sensory parameters. Thermal treatments of food can change foods more significantly in these important areas of food production.


Effect of processing technologies on the allergenicity of food products


This is a study on the transformative effect on allergens from various processing methods, including High Pressure Processing.


Potential Utility of High‐Pressure Processing to Address the Risk of Food Allergen Concerns

17 December 2013

This is a study focused on the inactivation of allergens in various foods from High Pressure Processing, including legumes, grains, seafood, meat, dairy products, fruits, and vegetables. This article also dives into how HPP destroys allergens.


New Insights into the High‐Pressure Processing of Meat and Meat Products

9 April 2012

This is a large study focusing on the application of HPP with meats. This review comes in four parts: 1. recent knowledge of HPP treatment on meat; 2. the various factors affecting the inactivation of microbes in meat products; 3. improving the safety of meat while retaining favorable sensory qualities; and 4. new opportunities in High Pressure Processing that are distinct from pasteurization.