Every client is unique, and our process may vary from one company to the next according to the needs of the situation, but we’ve outlined the process most our clients will experience as we move from one step to the next in getting to know you, your product, and what we can do to help you get your business done.


When you call or write in to us, Mychal will get back to you within 72 hours. At this stage, we’ll get a basic idea of what your product is and whether or not it might fit into our core competencies. If you’re concerned about protecting your recipe, no worries because in the next step we’ll get to the…


If your product and needs sound like something we can help you with, we’ll both sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).

We know you worked hard on your recipe, and we respect that. We’re professionals who handle your information with care and want to forge a lasting relationship with you by getting off on the right foot.

Signing this NDA will help us talk freely about your product in depth while keeping you protected.

Discovery Call

Once we’ve signed the NDA, we’ll do what’s called a Discovery Call.

This is where we gather important information about how your product is made and the various regulations that govern its commercial use.

If, after this call, it sounds like we’d be a good fit, we move on to the next step…

Packaging Vendors

Many of our clients already have packaging vendors they’re working with that supply the container your product goes into.

If that’s you, fantastic! We can move onto the next step in the process.

If not, no problem. We can help put you in touch with some of the best packaging vendors on the East Coast.

Process Schedule OR Validation Study

Every food product needs to have either a process schedule OR a validation study (depending on the product) in order for us to move forward with the project.

If you already have this, great! We can move onto the next step.

If not, that’s ok, too. We’ll point you to where you can get one (and may even be able to tell you which you’ll likely need).

Send Samples

We need to physically see what it is you’d like us to make and/or package for you. That includes the food and the packaging (film, bottle, cap, bag – whatever is involved in the final product).

Machinery that co-packers use can be rather specific, so we need to see if our equipment will be able to turn out your product the way you’d like it made. To better understand how, or if, we can meet your needs, we’ll need samples of your product.

Two Weeks…

Once we have your samples, understand your process, and know what kind of packaging you’ll be using, we’ll hold a meeting with all our department heads to find out if your project is a right fit for us.

Give us about two weeks, and we’ll let you know if it’s a project we think we’re best equipped to help you with.

If it is, then we’ll move on to the next step…

Client Visit

This is the part where you come into our office for a visit.

We’ll give you a tour of the facility and answer any questions you might have about working with us.

We’ll go over the details of your project and what the next steps from here are.

Why Maryland Packaging Sometimes Says “No”

If we were the best option for every client, that would be a wonderful world to live in.

Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Sometimes we have to turn down a client for various reasons. When this happens, we wish you luck and truly hope you find prosperity with a co-packer that is more suited to your needs.

This is the truth of any company in any industry. For us, we’ve written up a little article to explain why we sometimes have to say “no” to a client inquiring about our services, which you can take a gander at here.