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Wet Packing

Dry Packing


Wet Packing

Spouted Pouch Line

VersaSpout compatible can go up to 500 ml. 2 up system with line speeds of up to 80 a minute depending on product and size. These are spouted pouch categories: Baby Foods, RTD, Smoothies, Finishing Sauces, Chocolate Syrups, Dessert Syrups. Line can package hot fill and cold fill.

Skin Packaging

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MAP Packaging

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Dry Packing


Two large capacity ribbon blenders and one small capacity V blender: Brown sugars, flour mixes, seasoning and spices, high intensity sweetness.

Box Line

Metal Spouted boxes, any and all dry ingredients


Paper Brick packaging example 10 lbs sugar and 4 lbs sugar bags.


Bottling Options

We can fill liquids, semi liquids, salsa, marinara sauces.

We have a 12 head In-line overflow filler and a 4 head Piston Filler. We use a Brady Bottle washing system and we use a high speed Fowler Zalkin capper.

We can fill in Glass, PET, LLDPE, PP. we can fill anywhere from 2 Oz to a gallon. We do hot fill with a cap sanitization system and a cooling tunnel.

We high speed shrink sleeve and and we can do a pressure sensitive wrap around label. Speeds of 80 to 200 units per minute depending on Fill size.

Hot Fill

We do a hot fill up to 200 degrees. We have two 300 gallon kettles and we have two 1600 gallon kettles on order. We have magnets in line and metal detection.

Cold Fill & HPP

We can cold fill at 34 degrees. Our tanks and packaging rooms are capable of running both hot and cold and our packaging rooms can run at 38 degrees.