Liquid Pouches

Baby food businesses can choose from baby food pouches such as liquid pouches, retort packaging, stickpacks for single-serve baby formula, and stand up pouches options in our baby food packaging range.


The Perfect Solution for Your Liquid or Semi-solid Foods

Made of material that is protected from punctures and leakages, the liquid inside is safe from contamination. Additionally, the stability of the package and its slimmer flexible design allow for liquid pouches to be easy to store in a fridge, shelf, or bag. Liquid pouches are an ideal, mess-free, and simplistic way to store liquids.

Liquid Pouches for Applesauce

Applesauce is a great healthy snack option for kids, but every parent will tell you that it’s messy, especially for toddlers. When applesauce is in a pouch instead, with an easy-to-use spout, parents no longer have to worry about the mess and they know that it’s the perfect flexible shape that can fit right into a lunch bag.

Liquid Pouches for Fruit Drinks

Customers are always looking for fruit drinks for on the go, but most of them come in glass or plastic bottles. This means it takes up more room, is easy to break, and is more likely to spill. When in a re-sealable liquid pouch with a spout, it becomes the ideal drink for traveling.

A Great Low-Cost Packaging Solution

Liquid packaging can be a money saver for a manufacturer producing liquids or semisolid foods. There are a lot fewer raw materials needed to manufacture pouches as opposed to jars or bottles, which also means that it is more environmentally friendly. You can save money on printing as well, since the printing on pouches requires less manpower and the nature of the packaging also allows for more room to print. You also have the ability to save on shipping costs and storage costs since pouches are more flexible and slim, and more can be fit into storage and shipping spaces than other types of packaging.

What Our Clients Say

“Without Maryland Packaging, Sunniva Caffe would not exist. They gave us an opportunity and provided solutions that supported the launch and growth of our company.”

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Rachel – Mason Jar Cookie Company


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