Stick Packaging

A stick package is a thin elongated sealed packet most commonly used to package powdery or ground food substances, as well as semisolid foods.


The Best Packaging for on the go Dry Foods

As a food manufacturer, stick packaging is one of the best choices for packaging methods because of its slight size. Its small size actually helps reduce your costs as well. This is because stick packs require a lot less material to be made than standard-sized packets. In fact, stick packs can use up to 40 percent less material, which saves on production costs. Also, production rate can be increased as well with smaller packaging, which makes stick packs an economical choice for your food product. Not to mention the decreased amount of material being used means that you are having less of an effect on the environment. The small stick pack allows you to make both your costs and your ecological footprint small as well.

Baby Food Stick Packaging 

Stick packs of baby formula are perfect for busy on-the-go moms. With exactly the amount of formula needed for the baby’s bottle, Mom needs no measuring cups or spoons, and gets to avoid lugging around big cans of formula in her already heavy diaper bag.

Grab and Go Yogurt

Healthy and filling, yogurt in a stick pack provides the ideal way for consumers to get their breakfast or lunch while on the bus, train, or between meetings. Simple to dispense right into the mouth, it’s also perfect for school kids, and can slide right into their lunch bags without taking up much room.

Single Serve Coffee Packs

For coffee lovers who want to know they can get their caffeine at anytime and anywhere, instant coffee in a stick pack is heaven. With just a quick tear to the top of the packet, consumers have exactly the serving size they want and know that their coffee is always within arm’s reach.

Stick Packaging Benefits

The narrow shape and small size of stick packs makes it an ideal choice for consumers. Stick packs are easy to grab on the go, since they contain exactly one portion and effortlessly fit into small bags, pockets, and purses. They are also extremely simple to use, as well as mess-free. With an easy-to-open tear top and a shape that is perfect for pouring into small bottlenecks, containers, or straight into one’s mouth, a stick pack product is the perfect travel-ready food for consumers who crave convenience.

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