At Maryland Packaging, we’re fighting childhood hunger.

Childhood Hunger is a Problem We Cannot Ignore
Many American children go hungry every day. Chronic poor nutrition has serious long-term effects on the performance and prospects of our youngest generation that we cannot afford to overlook.
As many as 1 in 6 children in the U.S. don’t always know where their next meal is coming from.
12.9 million children in America live in food-insecure homes.
Chronic hunger has long-term consequences in children. It’s more than just feeling “hungry.”
Food-insecure children are MORE likely to…

Become ill.
Miss class.
Repeat a grade.
Do poorly on tests.

Food-insecurity in children can make it more difficult for them to develop the skills they’ll need to do well in school, at work, or in interpersonal relationships both now and later in life.
…these disadvantages can stick with a person their entire lives, reducing their ability to complete college, get a degree, do well on the job, and become independent, stable, and self-sufficient.

The solution needs to start now.

Food is not an option.

Food is not a


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Food is not

In a nation that sends over $165 BILLION worth of food to the landfill every year, there is no excuse for the 12.9 million hungry children living in America today. We need to do better. It is our responsibility to each other as human beings to step up and help those in need. It is our social, fiscal, and moral obligation. United we thrive.

What we’re doing.

Making Healthy Lunches for Local Children in Need

With our own commercial kitchen, fresh ingredients we source in bulk, experienced chefs, and bulk food production capabilities, we can create healthy meals made for children.

We believe in the importance of children having fresh, hearty, and nutritious food. It shows in our food.

Using Advanced Technology to Keep Fresh Meals Fresh

With Maryland Packaging’s HPP (High Pressure Processing), MAP, and skin-packaging capabilities, we’re able to keep foods tasting fresh longer than ever before.

All children deserve to have food that is both nourishing and is made with care. We want every child to be happy, healthy, and confident – and that starts with energy that tastes like it was just made.