High Pressure Processing

High Pressure Processing is a way to extend a product’s freshness and usability by up to 4 months by subjecting it to extreme isostatic pressures (87,000 psi) that renders bacteria and other pathogens inert.
Maryland Packaging can HPP up to 3,000 kg per hour.

Highest HPP Capacity in the Mid-Atlantic

Maryland Packaging has the largest HPP facility in the Mid-Atlantic with three machines – two Hiperbaric 525s and one Avure 10.

Our Hiperbaric machine is perfect for large batches and is able to process 3,000 kg per hour. Our Avure 10 machine is just the right size for smaller batches. Together, we can process over 110,000 kg per year of HPPed foods.

That means we can help you grow your food production no matter what your volume is.

What Makes High Pressure Processing a Great Choice for Your Product?

Extends Shelf Life

High Pressure Processing can extend a product’s shelf life up to 120 days – or four months.

That helps reduce the turnover of your product and keeps more in the hands (and bellies) of your customers.

Locks in Nutrients

Unlike heat treatments, which can damage vitamins and other essential nutrients, High Pressure Processing renders foods safe to store and eat without destroying those vital elements that make super foods, well… super.

That means you’re giving your customers all the goodness they’re looking for.

Mmm, Still Tastes Fresh

High Pressure Processing not only prolongs your products’ shelf life – but it keeps them tasting fresh and delicious, too!

Your customers could bite into your food up to four months later and it’d still have that vibrant taste you so carefully crafted.


Consumers today are weary of products with harsh chemical preservatives. People want to get back to their roots with fresh, natural ingredients the way nature intended.

High Pressure Processing offers a path to the best of both worlds – a long shelf life without the need for chemicals.