High Pressure Processing

Why Does HPP Work?

87,000 psi
6,000 bar
How much pressure…
…is too much pressure?
Bacteria and many other pathogens – such as Listeria, Salmonella, and E. Coli – are complex organisms that need a number of conditions to be met in order for them to not only survive, but to function.

One of those conditions involves NOT be subjected to pressures so extreme they would buckle steel.

So, that’s what High Pressure Processing does – because what’s bad for any bacteria that might be lurking in your food, is good for you when you eat it.

For Comparison…

High Pressure Processing applies 87,000 psi to your foods.

The human body (for example, scuba divers) can only withstand 17,000 psi

A submarine can only withstand 30,000 psi.

Pressures in the deepest part of the ocean – the Mariana Trench – only reach 15,750 psi.

Most bacteria can only withstand 60,000 psi.