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High Pressure Processing

Our Mission


To help all our clients accelerate their growth and succeed in meeting their goals.
Maryland Packaging has been a leader in the food co-packaging and contract manufacturing industry since 2003. Safety is our number one priority, which has helped us become one of the highest rated SQF facilities in the nation. We pride ourselves on quality and our dedication to every client.




High Pressure Processing (HPP)
Accelerator Kitchen
Heat Pasteurization
Skin Packaging
MAP Packaging

Research and Development
State and Federal Regulatory Compliance
Document Control
Nutritional Analysis
Private Labeling

Wet Packing


  • Flexible

    • Sachets
    • Condiment Sachets
    • Tubes
    • Stand Up Pouches
  • Hot Fill

    • Glass (segregated)
    • PET
    • LLDPE
  • Cold Fill

    • PET
    • Nitro
    • Pouches
  • Bag in a Box

    • Hot Fill
    • Cold Fill
    • HPP

Dry Packing

Vertical Form Fill (VFFS)
Horizontal Form Fill (HFFS)
Stand-Up Pouches
Stick Packs
PET Jars & Containers (all sizes)

Glass Jars (segregated location)
Composite Canisters
Paper Brick (4 & 10 lbs)


We’re an SQF-certified facility with one of the highest ratings in the United States.

To meet your brand needs, we can also help your product line become certified in the following areas:





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