Ashli Thorpe

Web Designer

Ashli Brooke Thorpe

Web Designer

Ashli is the web designer at Maryland Packaging and creates all the pretty web pages you see around the website.

Ashli’s favorite food is chips.
Her favorite music is electro swing.
She likes Doctor Who, Firefly, and all things nerdy.

@ Maryland Packaging

Ashli handles more or less everything to do with the Maryland Packaging website, as well as

She spends a really ridiculous amount of time trying to make every page perfect, beautiful, and professional.

@ Home

Ashli likes to play D&D with her younger (and equally nerdy) sister. She plays poker with her brother, and talks smack with her other sister. Family is a big deal for Ashli.

She loves her job and likes to stipple pretty flowers in her spare time.

Ashli loves the creative challenge.

“Every web page is an opportunity to tell clients all the information they need to know in a friendly way that makes it easy to read, understand, and navigate. Some days I’m better at this than on others. Every day is interesting and engaging.”