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Behind some of the nation’s leading grocery brands, you’ll find Maryland Packaging improving their valuable reputation

The largest Mid-Atlantic Co Packing facility.


Through our custom Private Label Program, your signature products become the highest quality entries in a broad array of fresh categories. Corporate images and secret recipes are fully protected.


End to end private labeling services

We use only the freshest and best ingredients from our network of select resources.

We maintain quality controls second to none. And meet rapid production timetables with ease. Whether your goal is to market competitive alternatives to leading regional, national or international brands – or to compete in the rarefied atmosphere of premium gourmet bands, Maryland Packaging can help you succeed.

Talk to our private labeling specialists and learn how Maryland Packaging can help your product stay fresh:

What is private labeling?

Private labeling is when a company manufactures a product for you under your company’s brand. Private labeling saves you time and money from having to produce the item on your own, and ensures that your product will reach store shelves. Developed and manufactured from top to bottom, Maryland Packaging creates a product ready for your specific personalization and ready to be sold under your brand.

Benefits of Private Labeling:

A Custom Product Fit
Private labeling offers the opportunity to have a product custom fit to your needs and expectations without having to manufacture your product on your own from square one. Private labelers have already developed products that you can transform, rebuild, or personalize to your own satisfaction, with the result that you have complete control over creating the image you want. From design to price to marketing to logos to special ingredients, you have complete control of how you want your product to be. Even production amount is up to you, with the capability to make sudden modifications based on consumer demand.
Preferred by Consumers
Private-label products are often preferred to brand name products. Private-label products makes shopping more personal for customers, and often customers come to prefer this. Customer loyalty increases as they become more attached to your brand rather than typical brand name products. Furthermore, consumers often choose private-label products because they are more affordable. Since the quality of private-label products is just as good as that of brand name products and is less expensive, it is no wonder that many customers have come to prefer private labels. In fact, recent studies show that over half the population sees no difference between brand names and private labels.
Preferred by Retailers
Just like customers prefer private-label products, so too do the retailers prefer to have private labels in their store. Private labels have a much higher margin than brand names, obviously making them more appealing to retailers. Furthermore, private-label products reduce wholesale prices on that particular item, which helps with competition and allows the retailer to bargain and get better pricing from manufacturers. Because retailers see how private labels benefit their store, many even change prices to help prod their customers towards buying private-label products. They aren’t only attractive to consumers but also to the people who buy the product directly from you.

Industries we have experience in

For those that have a product void they need filled, we provide private label services that can help you extend your brand or break into a new market. Many of our current customers turn to us to discover new possibilities in the current food manufacturing and development marketplace.

HPP Juice

Juices & Beverages

Just like it was freshly squeezed

HPP Baby Food

Baby Food

Just like it was freshly pureed



Just like it was straight from the farm

hpp coffee


Just like it was Fresh Brewed

HPP Meat

Meat & Seafood

Just like fresh prepared meat

HPP Fruit

Fruit & Vegetables

Just like it’s fresh from the tree

HPP Salsad

Dips & Salsa

Just like freshly prepped dips

hpp ready to eat meals

Ready to Eat Meals

Just like fresh made meals that stay fresh for 120 days with no preservatives

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“Without Maryland Packaging, Sunniva Caffe would not exist. They gave us an opportunity and provided solutions that supported the launch and growth of our company.”

Jim DeCicco

“Maryland Packaging completely changed the mindset of how food products are supposed to be made”

Rachel – Mason Jar Cookie Company


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