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 Maryland Packaging provides its own in-house brokerage services at a discounted rate for our clients. We act as a full service broker ensuring that your products will be seen and represented the proper way. 

What is a Food Broker?

A food broker is someone who represents your brand and works to distribute and sell your food product to wholesalers and retailers. With expert knowledge of the market and solid rapport with buyers, a food broker is there to promote your product and handle every aspect of its sale from start to finish.

At Maryland Packaging, not only do we walk you through manufacturing, packaging, and storing your product, but we will also act as your food broker and ensure that your food gets to store shelves.

The Benefits of Food Brokerage:

Industry Connections
Food brokers have something special when it comes to trying to sell food: connections. A food broker already has affiliations with a multitude of wholesalers and retailers, relationships that they have had for quite some time. Rather than having to do sale calls, food brokers have solid connections with interested potential buyers. In fact, many of the big buyers will only deal with food brokers. Not only is a food broker bringing his or her ready-made connections to the table, but having a food broker also means less work on your part. Since the food broker has all the connections, you only have to work with one person rather than many.
Cost Effective
Attempting to sell your own product means having your own in-house sales representatives. This can be extremely costly because it entails hiring a whole team, rather than just the one food broker, and having to pay for training and benefits. Not to mention it’s difficult to even calculate your costs because there’s no way to know how long you will have to wait before your see results from your newly hired sales reps. You also save money by using a food broker because they offer more than simply selling your product. From warehousing to distribution to running sales, hiring a food broker means paying only one person for several services.
Saves Time and Energy

Balancing both the creation of your product and the sale of your product is not an easy task. It means one or the other is not getting the proper attention it deserves. Leaving the sales to the food broker means you save time and energy you would have spent on sales and can use it towards the manufacturing of your product, and ensuring it is as perfect as possible.

A food broker will save you from many headaches. For instance, if the buyer of your product is unhappy, he goes to the food broker with his complaints, not you. This way, all your energy can truly be put into the bigger picture of your product without you having to deal with the smaller details.

Industries we have experience in

Packaged food products — retail-ready containers, plastic pouches, and food service bulk packs — greatly benefit from brokerage services  Whether a startup is looking to get their product into Whole Foods, or a global brand looking to maximize their bottom line, Maryland Packaging’s Brokerage services will get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Meat and seafood

Baby Food

Just like fresh made for kids

HPP Juice

Beverages & Juices

Just like it was freshly squeezed

Cereal & Granola packaging

Cereal & Granola

Just like fresh made meals that stay fresh for 120 days with no preservatives

hpp coffee


Just like it was Fresh Brewed

HPP Salsad

Condiments & Dips

Just like fresh prepped dips

Frozen Food packaging

Frozen Food

Just like it was Freshly made

HPP Fruit

Fruit & Vegetables

Just like it's fresh from the tree

hpp ready to eat meals

Ready to Eat Meals

Just like fresh made meals that stay fresh for 120 days with no preservatives

What Our Clients Say

“Without Maryland Packaging, Sunniva Caffe would not exist. They gave us an opportunity and provided solutions that supported the launch and growth of our company.”

Jim DeCicco

“Maryland Packaging completely changed the mindset of how food products are supposed to be made”

Rachel – Mason Jar Cookie Company


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