Ingredient Purchasing Services


Ingredient Purchasing Services

Our Ingredient Purchasing solutions helps you source your product at scale.

What is ingredient purchasing?

Once a recipe has been decided, the next step is to begin developing a final product. In the food industry, this begins with ingredient purchasing. It is the manufacturer’s responsibility to be sure that the ingredients within their food products are affordable, wholesome, and safe. The purchasing department immediately goes to work to find the best possible ingredients in order to create the best possible food products for the best possible price. Our professionals communicate and maintain relationships with vendors and suppliers to obtain quality, low-cost ingredients, as well as keep up-to-date on the latest developments in procurement procedures.

Ingredient Purchasing Benefits

Cost reduction
Our professionals in ingredient purchasing can help your company in the long run by lowering your overhead cost. Many food service businesses can spend up to 50% of their total sales revenue on product ordering and purchasing. By giving us that job, substitutes can be found and revisions in portion size can be made. This reduces the cost of the ingredients in the long run, resulting in a higher profit for you. We can get competitive pricing and long-term pricing contracts on bulk items, and this leaves you with the ability to maintain your operation’s competitive position.
Additional Food Safety
One of the major objectives of ingredient purchasing is to find the right quality and quantity of items at the right place from the right supplier. It can be quite a headache trying to find the right place to purchase what you need while also making sure everything is sanitary and good quality. Our commitment and ability to maintain relationships with properly certified and reliable vendors and suppliers enable you to overcome that hurdle completely. There is no worry for you in trying to find a good supplier for the right price—that’s all on us.
Ability to source unique items
Our experience allows us to get you the materials you need for your product, regardless of how unusual or unique it may be. Due to how uncommon some ingredients or products are, it can be difficult to know how to find exactly what you need. In this sense, we are there to help you find the right supplier to create exactly what you need.

Industries we have experience in

Packaged food products — retail-ready containers, plastic pouches and food service bulk packs — greatly benefit from co-packing. Whether a startup is looking to get their product into Whole Foods, or a global brand looking to maximum their bottom line, Maryland Packaging’s co packing services will get the job done quickly and efficiently.

HPP Juice

Juices & Beverages

Just like it was freshly squeezed

HPP Baby Food

Baby Food

Just like it was freshly pureed



Just like it was straight from the farm

hpp coffee


Just like it was Fresh Brewed

HPP Meat

Meat & Seafood

Just like fresh prepared meat

HPP Fruit

Fruit & Vegetables

Just like it’s fresh from the tree

HPP Salsad

Dips & Salsa

Just like freshly prepped dips

hpp ready to eat meals

Ready to Eat Meals

Just like fresh made meals that stay fresh for 120 days with no preservatives


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