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State of the art Food Processing Services

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Maryland Packaging is a full-service production facility. We welcome clients of all sizes ranging from Startups, to Fortune 100’s. Our state-of-the-art facilities are SQF, Kosher, Organic, Halal and FSMA, coding and casing capabilities.

State of the art Food Processing

As the forefront leader in co-packing, our benchmarks and standards are held in the highest regards. Our facility houses the finest technology and equipment from industry leader Hiberbaric. 

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What is Food Processing?

Food processing is the transformation of raw ingredients into a finished food product that is suitable for consumption or storage. In large-scale food operations, this process includes activities such as mincing, cooking, pickling, pasteurization, canning, and many other techniques of slowing down the rate of food decay and creating a range of tasty food products. Food processing not only cooks your raw product and kills harmful bacteria, but it also preserves it to create long-lasting, kitchen-safe food. Food processing has made the modern food industry what it is and enables consumers to cook and eat safely.

Benefits of Food Processing:

Improves Longevity
Food processing includes the preservation of your food product through methods such as pickling or drying. Because of this, your processed food is less likely to spoil over long periods of time than fresh food materials. Since food processing includes preservation, retailers are able to keep products on the shelves longer and consumers won’t have to make more frequent purchases. Processed foods are also more easily transported over long distances, which increases your selling power in more places.

As co-packers, we already have all the machines necessary for your packaging needs, as well as a team educated and capable of handling your products just right. This can help your business reduce the costs of buying and maintaining equipment and new staff.

In addition, co-packing will make your budgeting easier as well. By budgeting for just the fixed cost that co-packers charge, rather than the variable costs that running your own packing facility would entail, your account planning will be simpler and more precise.

Processing enables retailers and manufacturers to create a mostly uniform product. If you buy a can of soup to be cooked at home one day, if you go back the next day you’ll be able to find an identical package of soup on the store shelf. Processed foods also allow the convenience for the consumer to have ready-made, prepackaged meals that allow for less time spent in food preparation in their own kitchen. As far as marketing is concerned, this will improve your consumer base and customer loyalty.
Food Safety
Part of food processing involves toxin removal and killing off harmful bacteria that can spoil your product. This process reduces instances of food-borne disease that fresh materials can harbor and that can cause serious illness if consumed. Therefore part of the purpose in processing food to be long-lasting is to make it suitable for human consumption. In addition, often food processing will often add nutritional value as well as preservation and toxin removal, which can have the added bonus of improving the taste of the final product.

Industries we have experience in

Packaged food products — retail-ready containers, plastic pouches and food service bulk packs — greatly benefit from food processing. Whether a startup is looking to get their product into Whole Foods, or a global brand looking to maximize their bottom line, Maryland Packaging’s food processing services will get the job done quickly and efficiently. 

HPP Juice

Juices & Beverages

Just like it was freshly squeezed

HPP Baby Food

Baby Food

Just like it was freshly pureed



Just like it was straight from the farm

hpp coffee


Just like it was Fresh Brewed

HPP Meat

Meat & Seafood

Just like fresh prepared meat

HPP Fruit

Fruit & Vegetables

Just like it’s fresh from the tree

HPP Salsad

Dips & Salsa

Just like freshly prepped dips

hpp ready to eat meals

Ready to Eat Meals

Just like fresh made meals that stay fresh for 120 days with no preservatives

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“Without Maryland Packaging, Sunniva Caffe would not exist. They gave us an opportunity and provided solutions that supported the launch and growth of our company.”

Jim DeCicco

“Maryland Packaging completely changed the mindset of how food products are supposed to be made”

Rachel – Mason Jar Cookie Company


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