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Maryland Packaging owns and operates the only HPP center in the Mid Atlantic. Our HPP center sports full labeling, coding, and casing capabilities.

State of the Art HPP Solutions

High-Pressure Processing completely destroys harmful bacteria while locking in the super nutrition and vibrant flavors found only in fresh, organic fruits and vegetables. Our High Pressure Processing solutions helps your products stay fresh and extends their shelf-lives.

The Largest Mid-Atlantic HPP Capacity.

Maryland Packaging owns and operates the only HPP center in the Mid Atlantic. We currently own and operate an Avure 10 and are in the process of installing 2 additional Hiperbaric systems to bring our capacity to an additional 100,000,000 lbs. and an additional 40,000 sq/ft refrigerated facility. Our HPP center sports full labeling, coding, and casing capabilities.

End to End Food Services

As the forefront leader in co-packing, our benchmarks and standards are held in the highest regards. Our facility houses the finest technology and equipment from industry leader Hiberbaric. Our HPP facility also offers full labeling, coding, and casing. The facility is SQF certified, FDA registered, FSMA compliant, Kosher, organic, Non-GMO verified, and Halal certified.

Talk to our HPP specialists and learn how Maryland Packaging can help your product stay fresh:

What is High Pressure Processing

Most commonly known as HPP, high pressure processing is a pasteurization method that involves using high-pressure cold water to kill off bacteria in prepackaged food. This technique ensures that the product is safe to eat and better preserved without subjecting it to heat. At Maryland Packaging, our AV10 and new Hiperbaric 525 machines provide you with this cutting-edge and ecofriendly way to guarantee that your product is bacteria-free, long-lasting, and nutritious.

High Pressure Processing Benefits

Extended Product Shelf Life

One of the biggest advantages that high pressure processing provides is that it helps preserve the product for much longer. This is because the pasteurization that the product undergoes during HPP helps to eliminate bacteria that lead to food spoilage.

The benefits of killing off such bacteria are enormous: with food less likely to spoil, there will be fewer returns and your customers will be happier and more loyal to your brand. Also, extended shelf life means that you have the opportunity to move your products long distance. Using HPP will therefore allow you to grow your sales, increase customer satisfaction, and lessen needless waste.

All-natural Clean Label Products

High pressure processing offers a better way to ensure that food is safe without comprimising on its nutritional value. When using pasteurization methods that involve heat, the vitamins, texture, and flavor of the products is often altered or even destroyed.

HPP allows for the vitamins and nutrients of the product to remain mostly the same, thus providing a healthier, fresher alternative for your product. Furthermore, the method of HPP involves no preservatives. This means that your product will be a clean label food. For customers who believe in healthy, natural, preservative-free food, your product will become their top choice.

Guaranteeing the food safety of the product
High pressure processing effectively destroys many dangerous disease-causing bacteria. This includes pathogens such as Listeria, Salmonella, E. coli, Vibrio, Norovirus and a variety of other bacteria, molds, and yeast. By eliminating these bacteria from your product, you make your food safe for your consumers. This will give your company a good reputation and heighten your customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Industries we have experience in

From baby food products to ready to eat meals, many foods greatly benefit from HPP. Whether a local food producer looking to keep your product clean, or a globally-recognized brand seeking maximizing profit, Maryland Packaging serves customers who put a premium on the safe delivery of food to the marketplace.

HPP Juice

Juices & Beverages

Just like it was freshly squeezed

HPP Baby Food

Baby Food

Just like it was freshly pureed



Just like it was straight from the farm

hpp coffee


Just like it was Fresh Brewed

HPP Meat

Meat & Seafood

Just like fresh prepared meat

HPP Fruit

Fruit & Vegetables

Just like it’s fresh from the tree

HPP Salsad

Dips & Salsa

Just like freshly prepped dips

hpp ready to eat meals

Ready to Eat Meals

Just like fresh made meals that stay fresh for 120 days with no preservatives


Jim DeCicco

Sunniva Caffe

“Without Maryland Packaging, Sunniva Caffe would not exist. They gave us an opportunity and provided solutions that supported the launch and growth of our company.”


Mason Jar Cookie Company

“Maryland Packaging completely changed the mindset of how food products are supposed to be made”


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