Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

At Maryland Packaging, we take the security of your proprietary information seriously. We vow never to reveal or misuse any of the information you provide us in manufacturing or packaging your product.

We encourage you to fill out our Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), sign it, and keep it in your records.

Purpose of Our Non-Disclosure Agreement

At Maryland Packaging, we’ve worked with countless amazing clients over the last 15 years.

Each new partnership we enter delights us with bright new ideas and amazing food we want to see on our own tables.

Naturally, the creative individuals and entities we work with want to know that the recipes and styles that make them unique will be protected.

We pride ourselves on our professionalism and confidentiality.

Before we get started with any new project, we encourage you to sign Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) you see above.

Why Sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement?

Food safety is a rigorous process. Before we can even start thinking about how to create your product, we need to know what processes and methods we’ll need to use to make it safe for consumption.

To do that, we’ll need to know what the product is, what’s in it, and how it’s currently made.

This will inform:

  • Whether or not it fits into our core competencies.
  • What equipment we’ll need for your project.
  • How efficiently your product can be made.
  • What the price range of production will be.

We won’t know any of this until we learn more about your product.

Signing the above NDA and keeping it in your records will protect your recipe legally so we can discuss how we might work together to achieve your goals.