Food Production Timeline

How Does Co-Manufacturing or Co-Packaging Work?

[The should be a general timeline of each step taken along the way to create the product with us from start to finish. If there’s a different process for Co-Packaging VS Co-Manufacturing,
we can create two pages. Knowing in what way these steps may differ will help me organize the information into the easiest way to digest online to streamline the process as much as possible].

Steps to Creating Your Product

The following outline is my best guess of how the first few steps of the process work from the things I’ve learned so far.


The first step is for you to fill out our contact form. Each completed contact form will be sent to our Document Control Specialist (her name is Olivia). This form should tell us a little about you, your product, your process, your goals, and whether or not you’ve previously received a Process Schedule or Validation Study from an authorized entity. Please feel free to sign our Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and keep it in your records first.

24 Hours

After you fill out our contact form, it gets sent to Olivia, our Document Control Specialist. She’ll review your inquiry to determine whether or not it matches our core competencies. She’ll get back to you within 24 business hours.

If we find your project is likely a good fit, we’ll send you our [Title of Final Document We Need to Receive Back to Meet On] for you to complete and get back to us.


Every Wednesday morning, our New Projects Team gets together to review all the completed inquiries with returned [Title of Final Document We Need to Receive Back to Meet On]s.

We’ll discuss:

  • List item 1.
  • List item 2.
  • List item 3.

After our New Project’s Team has met on that week’s completed inquiries, we’ll let you know Thursday or Friday whether or not we can move forward with a live consultation with upper management either by conference call or in our office to discuss the specific needs of your project, what we can offer to your project, and next steps.

These calls are scheduled for 2 full hours a week or two in advance.

2 Weeks

During our consultation, we’ll talk about whether your project requires a Process Schedule or Validation Study from the FDA to proceed.

You can do these yourself, or we can help you with them. Whichever suits you best.

These generally take 2 weeks to receive back from the state.