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Baked goods may be guilty pleasures but there’s no denying their deliciousness or their popularity among kids and adults alike. Perfect snack-options, cakes, cookies and crackers can keep you going till your next meal and are easy, convenient foods. With such popularity in the market, it’s essential that baked goods be packaged perfectly to keep them crunchy, tasty, fresh, and attractive to consumers.

At Maryland Packaging, we offer baked good manufacturers innovative and convenient baked goods’ packaging solutions, such as cookie packaging, cracker packaging and cake packaging. Hygienic, flexible and high-quality packaging is guaranteed to keep your product fresh, safe from contamination and external bacteria, attracting customers with innovative prints and designs and enhancing the popularity of your products!

Several packaging options are available for baked goods such as:

Pillow pouches
Standup pouches
Side gusset bags
Cups and trays

Pillow Pouches for Baked Goods

Perfect for packaging cookies and crackers, pillow pouches are the most common kinds of cookie packaging and cracker packaging. Available in several different sizes, these pouches have a top, bottom and back seals. In order to protect the products inside from adverse external factors such as light, moisture and oxygen, pillow pouches come with an additional metallic coating for high-quality protection. As a result, products enjoy an extended shelf-life.

Stand-Up Pouches for Baked Goods

Stand-up pouches are great for easy and convenient storage due to the flat base that allows them to remain upright. Great for shelf-displays in supermarkets or storage in the customer’s larder, stand-up pouches are available in a wide range of high-quality packaging materials designed specifically for different types of products. Stand-up pouches are available as both premade pouches or roll stock.

Side Gusset Bags for Baked Goods

A side gusset bag is one of the most convenient forms of packaging. With a bottom seal and two side gussets, these bags are available in various sizes and come with various features such as tear-away notches or resealable zippers, which make for some easy and convenient storage and extended use of the products.

Cups and Trays for Baked Goods

These preformed cups and trays are great for cookie packaging and cracker packaging, but can also be customized for cake packaging. With customizable barrier properties and stock or customized design options for the cups, this kind of packaging is ideal for on-the-go snacks, providing portability and convenience.


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