Maryland Packaging has recently announced that they are opening their second premier High Pressure Processing (HPP) facility. Located at 3610 Commerce Drive in Baltimore, this new 30,000 square foot facility makes Maryland Packaging the foremost responsible and sustainable food life cycle company in the mid-Atlantic. With a state-of-the-art Hiperbaric 528 machine that allows for cold and safe pasteurization of sealed food items, the facility offers a host of packaging services, such as hot and cold fill bottling, cold press juicing, skin packaging, MAP packaging, and more. The facility has plans for even more growth with a second Hiperbaric machine ordered for phase two expansion in February 2018. Additionally, the facility is SQF certified, FDA registered, FSMA compliant, Kosher, organic, Non-GMO verified, and Halal certified.

As a “people’s company,” the services that the new HPP facility offers is meant to facilitate growth for startups and micro-enterprises. The goal is for these smaller companies to be able to develop their business without having to invest millions of dollars in their own factories and instead use this new HPP facility for their packaging needs. Maryland Packaging creates intrinsic value, back-end value, and platform value for new startups, and works to train these entrepreneurs.

Another goal is to create safe and eco-friendly packaging and pasteurization methods – the company feels that it is their responsibility to be good to the planet while also being mindful of the responsibility to one’s body in feeding it natural and bacteria-free food. For example, Maryland Packaging’s processes of skin packaging, MAP, and HPP are the latest of the Clean Label Project. These methods allow for extended shelf life without the use of any chemicals and preservatives, thus fulfilling their mission of keeping food organic.

Furthermore, the new facility will be creating new jobs, with current plans being to hire about 70 new employees. Of all the benefits that the facility will bring, Marwan Moheyeldien, the CEO of Maryland Packaging, says that, “this is the most rewarding mission for us.” Moheyeldien states that, “Soon we will be taking care of an additional 70 families. These families will not only be our work families but our partners in our vision and mission.”