Beverage Packaging

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When it comes to beverages, several things matter. When customers pick beverages off
supermarket shelves, they look for packaging that is attractive, durable, easy-to- store
and leak-resistant. It is, therefore, important to have packaging of high-quality that
keeps alive the freshness and flavor of the beverages, as well as protect it from external
contamination and leaks.

At Maryland Packaging, we offer beverage manufacturers innovative and convenient
beverage packaging solutions that combines simplicity and efficiency. Hygienic and
high-quality packaging is the hallmark of our service. Our packaging keeps your
products safe from negative external factors as well as making them attractive, keeping
your customers coming back for more.

Beverage manufacturers can choose from several packaging options such as:
Shrink sleeves
Cups and roll stock
Liquid pouches
Fridge pouches

Shrink Sleeves for Beverages

Shrink sleeves are the perfect way to display the features of your products and make
them more attractive to customers with innovative prints and designs, setting them
apart from other products on supermarket shelves. Customizable to cover any shape,
full body shrink sleeves make for a 360-degree billboard of high-fidelity printing.

Cups and Roll Stock for Beverages

This kind of packaging refers to preformed cups and thermoforming roll stock that
increase the shelf-life of beverages. Suitable for retort, high-pressure pasteurization,
aseptic and hot-fill processes, this kind of beverage packaging comes with customizable
barrier properties and both stock and customized designs that depend on your product’s
needs. Perfect for single servings, cups and roll stock are the epitome of convenience.

Liquid Pouches for Beverages

Liquid pouches are a great option for beverage packaging as they keep the consumer’s convenience in mind with a range of features such as different size fitments for different functions, customizable barrier properties as per your product, handles to enhance shelf-appeal and consumer experience, tamper-evident for consumer safety and resealable tops for easy and safe storage that locks in the goodness of the beverage and locks out external bacteria. Additionally, liquid pouches have a reduced carbon footprint, making them environmentally friendly.

Fridge Pouches for Beverages

Fridge pouches are great when consumers have to transport refrigerated or perishable items for extended periods of time. With a foil-laminated foam design that insulates the contents of the pouch for up to 48 hours, fridge pouches come with convenient handles for transport.

Bag-in-Box for Beverages

Bag-in-box packaging allows for easy storage and transportation of liquids, just as fridge pouches. However, this packaging comes with the dual aspects of both a plastic bag as well as a fiberboard box, where the former is inserted in the latter after filling in the product. These bags are perfect for storing beverages at temperatures up to 85 degrees and are highly durable and convenient.


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