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Whether as breakfast, a meal accompaniment, a condiment, or a snack, bread plays a variety of roles in kitchens, cuisines and dinner tables around the world. Though available in different flavors and with different seasonings, the standard things that customers look for in all types of bread are freshness, flavor and taste.

Due to its short shelf-life, manufacturers have to ensure that bread is kept in premium condition in this short while. Bread is easily spoiled or goes stale on contact with the external environment; therefore, it is important to have strong, puncture-resistant packaging that locks out moisture and external contamination but still allows the bread inside to breathe. Additionally, easy-to-open resealable bags are also sought after by consumers.

As a leading packaging company, we offer all of the above options to bread manufacturers through different types of packaging such as MAP sealing, tray sealing, Horizontal Flow Packs (HFFS), Vertical Flow Packs (VFFS) and shrink sleeves.

MAP Sealing for Bread Packaging

Modified Atmosphere Packaging, simply known as MAP, is a perfect packaging option to extend the shelf-lives of products through the process of blending pure gases such as nitrogen, carbon dioxide and nitrogen, as opposed to using preservatives or chemicals. The process also makes use of a high-barrier package that allows the food inside to breathe but locks out external contamination.

Horizontal Flow Packs (HFFS) for Bread Packaging

Horizontal Flow Packs (HFFS) are specifically designed to draw the attention of the customer on supermarket shelves due to the fact that they can be easily stored and displayed. Packaging such as gusseted bags and stand-up pouches are examples of HFFS. Such packaging can be customized and keeps the product fresh for longer.

Vertical Flow Packs (VFFS) for Bread Packaging

A high-quality packaging option, Vertical Flow Packs, simply called VFFS, is a strong and durable packaging option that protects products inside from external contamination. VFFS cannot be easily damaged and is highly puncture-resistant, making it ideal for the packaging and storage of bread, from the market shelves till the end use by the customer.

Tray Sealing for Bread Packaging

A highly durable and convenient form of packaging, tray seals are made by sealing transparent and durable plastic film to the edge of the tray in which the product is contained. Doing so helps protect the product from negative external factors such as moisture, vapor, oxygen and bacteria, making for a highly secure and hygienic form of packaging.

Shrink Sleeves for Bread Packaging

No other packaging is a better option for displaying the brand and features than shrink sleeves. A perfect billboard for your product, shrink sleeves can be wrapped around the product’s packaging with attractive print, whether glossy, matte or embossed, to make it stand out on supermarket shelves. Shrink sleeves can be customized to cover any shape and can be made so as to be 360 degrees with high-fidelity printing, acting as a perfect advertisement for your product.


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