Candy and Nuts Packaging

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Candies and nuts are two products that are loved worldwide. Perfect as a healthy snack or as an occasional indulgence, candies and nuts need to be packaged right to preserve their flavor or nutritional value, as the case may be. With candies, it is important to retain their flavor and taste and prevent them from spoiling, while nuts need to be protected from external contamination without compromising on their nutritional value.

At Maryland Packaging, we offer manufacturers of candies and nuts innovative and convenient packaging that combines simplicity and efficiency. Whether roasted or dry, hard or soft, our packaging is perfect for any type of candy or variety of nuts. Hygienic, flexible and high-quality, our packaging performs the dual functions of keeping your products in prime condition and attracting customers.

Manufacturers can choose from several packaging options such as
Laydown bags
Bar wrap
Stand-up pouches
Side gusseted bags
Roll stock pouches

Laydown Bags for Candies and Nuts

Laydown bags are a perfect way to make your product stand out and attract customers with high impact graphics on the packaging. Available with various packaging finishes such as matte, embossed or glossy, laydown bags are ideal for all kinds of snack packaging, whether candy packaging, chocolate packaging, or dried fruit packaging, due to the clear barrier options that allow for product visibility. This packaging involves cold seal films that don’t require heat.

Bar Wraps for Candies and Nuts

Bar wraps are similar to laydown bags. Also, cold seal films which require no heat, bar wraps also have high-impact graphics and clear barrier options. Like laydown bags, bar wraps can also be customized to have a matte, glossy or embossed finishing on the packaging.

Side Gusseted Bags for Candies and Nuts

A side gusset bag refers to packaging with a bottom seal and two side gussets. It is a highly efficient and convenient form of packaging, compatible with a wide range of products. These bags are available in various sizes and have different features that enhance their functionality, such as notches that tear away or resealable zippers, perfect for extended use and storage for nuts or candies without resulting in spoilage of the goods.

Stand-up Pouches for Candies and Nuts

Stand-up pouches are the go-to packaging for easy storage. These pouches have stiff bottoms that allow for stand-up storage and can easily be stored on supermarket shelves, the refrigerator or the pantry. Available as both premade or roll stock, stand-up pouches are also available in a wide range of different packaging materials that can be chosen keeping in mind the product requirements.

Roll Stock Pouches for Candies and Nuts

This kind of packaging refers to preformed cups and thermoforming roll stock that increase the shelf-life of beverages. This kind of snack packaging comes with customizable barrier properties and is suitable for retort, high-pressure pasteurization, aseptic and hot-fill processes. Both stock and customized designs are available, depending on your product’s needs.


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