Cereal and Granola Packaging

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The most popular breakfast and snack options around the world, kitchen pantries are incomplete without a box of cereal and a stack of granola bars to energize kids and adults alike! Due to the high demand and popularity of these foods among all age groups, it is highly important to retain the quality of these products from the time they are packed till they are used in their entirety by consumers.

How do manufacturers achieve this feat? By relying on the right kind of packaging. Packaging that keeps products safe, hygienic, and in premium quality by being durable, strong, leak and puncture-resistant, and airtight, is highly necessary. As a premier packaging company, we offer cereal and granola manufacturers a wide range of options for granola packaging and cereal packaging that are equally attractive and efficient.

Granola Packaging

Granola bars require packaging that retains their freshness and nutritional value. Packaging with clear barrier options that allow visibility of the product is highly popular among consumers, as it allows for easy brand and product recognition. Also, packaging that is durable and puncture-resistant is required to keep away the effects of moisture. Therefore, packaging such as stand-up pouches, tin-tie paper bags, and flat pouches are highly popular.

Cereal Packaging

Cereals are highly popular nutritional and energizing snacks. Consumers expect the cereals they pick off market shelves to be nutritious, fresh and crunchy, with easy storage and extended use. Thus, a cereal packaging design must be airtight, durable, easy-to-store, and preferably resealable with easy opening options. Therefore, cereal liners (that keep out moisture yet allow breathability to the foods inside), stand-up pouches, side gusseted bags, liquid pouches, preformed cups and spouted/fitmented pouches are ideal for cereal packaging.

Breakfast Cereal Packaging

Perfect for a quick, energizing breakfast for kids and adults alike, breakfast cereals are nutritious, crunchy, fresh and tasty. To retain these qualities, breakfast cereal packaging such as stand-up pouches, side gusseted bags, preformed cups and trays, cereal liners, and shrink sleeves are highly popular options. Such types of packaging have multiple laminated barrier-film layers for durability, flexibility, resealable options, and easy storage.

Granola Bar Packaging

Great as on-the-go sources of energy, granola bars enjoy a wide fanbase which is only expected to grow in the coming years. Therefore, packaging that retains the freshness, flavor and nutritional value of the granola bar is necessary, such as bar wraps, stand-up pouches, flat pouches, and gusseted bags. Such packaging locks out moisture, locks in nutritional value and taste, is hygienic, easily openable with tear-away notches or perforated tear-away features and easily storable.

Cereal Packaging Design

As already mentioned, the right cereal packaging design is highly important to preserve the taste, crunch, nutrition, and quality of cereals and granola bars. Packaging made of multiple layers of laminated barrier films serves these purposes, such as stand-up pouches, side gusseted bags, bar wraps, shrink sleeves, preformed cups, cereal liners, liquid pouches and spouted/fitmented pouches.


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