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Coffee makes the world go around! For most people, getting through the day is unfathomable without a daily cup (or cups!) of hot, steamy coffee to give them a much-needed mental and physical boost.

However, coffee just wouldn’t be the same without its aroma and flavor. Therefore, choosing the best packaging that locks in flavor and aroma and is also attractive to customers is highly important. The right kind of packaging can keep the coffee beans or powder fresh for longer, a factor that directly impacts the taste of the coffee.

We offer coffee manufacturers innovative and convenient packaging that combines simplicity and efficiency. Whether roasted or powdered, our high-quality packaging, combined with flexibility and hygiene, keeps your product as fresh as it was when it was first picked, making your customers happy with attractive packaging that keeps alive the aroma and flavor of coffee.

Coffee manufacturers have many different packaging options such as K cups, stand up pouches, shrink sleeves, stick packs, and side gusset bags to choose from for their products.

K Cups for Coffee

A kind of packaging wherein the coffee is sealed inside a plastic cup and has a foil-covered plastic covering, K cups are perfect for selling single-serve coffees. Attractive, functional and durable, this kind of packaging helps increase the product’s shelf-life, with a patented cup design that is available in polypropylene or polystyrene structures.

Stick Packs for Coffee

These stick-shaped packages are perfect for dry or liquid products, even withstanding high-pressure pasteurization. With a simple tear-away technology to open the sachet, these stick packs are perfect for a single serving of coffee and are made on high-speed machines. With these stick packs, customers can carry their daily cup of brew anywhere and anytime!

Side Gusset Bag for Coffee

A side gusset bag is a highly convenient type of coffee packaging. These bags come with tear-away notches or resealable zippers and are available in various sizes. They contain a bottom seal and two side gussets.

Stand-up Pouches for Coffee

Stand-up pouches ensure easy storage while keeping the goodness of coffee locked inside. These pouches minimize spillage due to their stiff bottoms that allow for stand-up storage and can easily be stored on supermarket shelves or the refrigerator. Available as both premade or roll stock, stand-up pouches are also available in a wide range of different packaging materials that can be chosen depending on the product’s needs.

Shrink Sleeves for Coffee

Shrink sleeves are a great way to make your product stand out on supermarket shelves. These sleeves can be shrunk as per requirements to cover any shape and full body shrink sleeves make for a 360-degree billboard of high-fidelity printing.


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