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What’s life without a little flavor? Food just wouldn’t be same without those dashes of salt, pepper and spices, or that delicious helping of ketchup and mustard on a hot dog! And while the quality of the condiment itself is important, so is condiment packaging! The right kind of packaging keeps condiments fresh and full of flavor despite long periods of storage and also appeals to customers with attractive covering. Therefore, condiment packaging companies that give you a perfect combination of style and efficiency to package your products are keepers!

Luckily, at Maryland Packaging, we do just that. We offer innovative and convenient packaging solutions that combine simplicity and efficiency. Our packaging is hygienic, flexible and of high-quality, guaranteed to keep your products fresh, safe from contamination and keep your customers coming back for more.

Condiment manufacturers can choose from several packaging options such as sachets, shrink sleeves, spouted/fitmented pouches, cups, trays and roll stock.

Sachets for Condiments

Perfect for single serve sauces and spices, sachets are multi-layer laminated films for packaging condiments with specialty inks. Though easily tearable to open, there is no compromise on the quality of the single serve packaging. Small, easy-to-carry and ideal for use in restaurants, takeaway and delivery services, our sachet packaging services ensure that your products are indeed the best things in small packages!

Shrink Sleeves for Condiments

Innovative prints and designs are a key factor in attracting customers to buy your products, and shrink sleeves are the perfect solution to this. Letting your product stand out on supermarket shelves, shrink sleeves are customizable to cover any shape. Full body shrink sleeves with high-fidelity printing act as a 360-degree billboard for your product.

Spouted/Fitmented Pouches for Condiments

Perfect for extended periods of storage, spouted and fitmented pouches contain reclosable options, keeping in mind your consumer’s convenience. Available with different size fitments and customizable barrier properties for different functions and products, this type of packaging has a reduced carbon footprint and is therefore, environmentally friendly. Additionally, it is tamper-evident, protecting the consumer’s safety.

Cups, Trays, and Roll Stock for Condiments

Referring to preformed cups or trays and thermoforming roll stock, cups/trays and roll stock packaging increases the shelf-life of condiments. Suitable for retort, high-pressure pasteurization, aseptic and hot-fill processes, this kind of packaging comes with customizable barrier properties. Manufacturers can choose from stock or customized designs based on their product’s needs. Perfect for single servings like sachets, cups and roll stock are highly convenient.


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