Frozen Food Packaging

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Frozen food is a popular food option these days, with an increasing number of people purchasing frozen food as a meal option. Whether frozen meat, frozen fruits and vegetables, or frozen ready-to-eat meals such as pizzas, frozen foods are highly relied on.

Packaging is an important part of any product, especially packaging for frozen foods. The right frozen food packaging keeps frozen foods fresh for long, retaining its nutritional value and taste. As one of the most recommended frozen food packaging companies, we offer you innovative and convenient ready frozen food packaging solutions that combine simplicity and efficiency, retaining the goodness of the products and ensuring your customers’ loyalty to your product.

As a frozen food packaging supplier, we offer you stick packs, pillow pouches, stand-up pouches, side gusseted bags and spouted/fitmented pouches for your products.

Stick Packs for Frozen Foods

Perfect for dry or liquid products, stick packs can even withstand high-pressure pasteurization. With a simple tear-away technology to open the sachet, stick packs are perfect. They’re made on high-speed machines, making them ideal as packaging for long cuts of meat, frozen juices or drinks, or different frozen snacks. This kind of packaging takes up minimal storage space and is perfect for products intended for one-time use.

Pillow Pouches for Frozen Foods

Available in several different sizes, the additional metallic coating in these pouches protects frozen goods from the adverse effects of oxygen, light and moisture, leading to an increased shelf-life. These pouches have top, bottom and back seals, making them highly secure and keeping them free from contamination.

Stand-Up Pouches for Frozen Foods

Stand-up pouches can stand upright due to their flat bases, which lets consumers store them in an easy and convenient manner. This type of packaging is ideal for attracting customers as it can be easily displayed on store shelves as well as stored easily once purchased. Specifically for a wide range of products, this packaging is available in an equally wide range of premium-quality packaging as both premade pouches and roll stock.

Side Gusset Bags for Frozen Foods

Customers look for packaging that lets them store and use products over a period of time without it affecting the quality of the product or resulting in its spoilage. In such cases, a side gusset bag is the best option for packaging. To enhance the consumer’s experience, side gusset bags are available with different features such as resealable zippers and tear-away notches, while enhancing the manufacturer’s experience with its availability in different sizes that can be customized as per product requirements.

Spouted/Fitmented Pouches for Frozen Foods

Perfect for extended periods of storage, spouted/fitmented pouches contain reclosable options, keeping in mind the consumer’s convenience. Available with different size fitments and customizable barrier properties for different functions and products, this type of packaging has a reduced carbon footprint and is therefore, environmentally friendly. Additionally, it is tamper-evident, thereby protecting the consumer’s safety.


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