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Customers want the best for their furry little friends of the four-legged kind, with pet parents willing to go to substantial lengths to ensure that their pets get the best in terms of all facilities, with food being the most important! Nutritious, safe and fresh food are what customers ask for and the right pet food packaging ensures that pet food retains all these qualities, no matter how long the storage period. Therefore, condiment packaging companies that give you a perfect combination of style and efficiency to package your products are keepers!

At Maryland Packaging, we keep in mind your needs as well as your customers’ needs, offering innovative and convenient packaging solutions that combine simplicity and efficiency. Our high-quality packaging is hygienic and flexible, guaranteed to keep your products fresh, safe from contamination and keep your customers coming back for more.

Pet food and pet product manufacturers can choose from several packaging options such as side gusset bags, stand-up pouches, rigid containers, retort pouches and roll stock for their products.

Side Gusset Bags for Pet Food

Side gusset bags, as the name suggests, come with two side gussets and a bottom seal, and are available in various sizes, depending on the different product needs. With several features that enhance consumers’ convenience such as tear-away notches and resealable zippers or reclosable tops, side gusset bags are a great dog treat packaging option.

Stand-Up Pouches for Pet Food

Stand-up pouches are pre-made pouches and bags with a wide range of available features such as different shapes, different spout sizes, easy opening options and resealable options. Perfectly structured for applications such as hot-fill, aseptic and retort processes, these pouches are custom-engineered films and roll stock for form, fill and seal applications.

Rigid Containers for Pet Food

A highly durable packaging option, rigid containers are physically strong, easily storable, and keep intact the freshness and quality of their contents. Available as pre-made trays or containers as well as custom roll stock with compatible lids (rigid or film), rigid containers are great for storage and reuse.

Retort Pouches for Pet Food

Retort packaging is a modern and sustainable packaging option, designed for safety and convenience with easy tear-away notches. Available as both retort pouches as well as retort trays, retort packaging is highly convenient. Retort pouches are durable and have a tear-away notch, while retort trays are designed with easy open-lidding; features that increase the customer’s convenience.

Roll Stock for Pet Food

Roll stock packaging increases the shelf-life of condiments and is suitable for retort, high-pressure pasteurization, aseptic and hot-fill processes. Available with customizable barrier properties, manufacturers can choose from stock or customized designs based on their product’s needs.


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