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Fresh produce is an important part of daily life. Forming the basis of any meal, fresh fruits and vegetables are a must for their nutritional value and goodness, whether as the core ingredient of the food that we eat or as an accompaniment.

With produce, retaining the freshness, flavor and wholesome goodness is highly important. Customers look for produce on market shelves that is fresh and unspoilt which makes it important to have packaging that keeps these characteristics of produce alive. By offering you innovative and convenient fruit packaging, vegetable packaging and fresh produce packaging solution, we solve these problems for you! Our packaging is highly safe, durable and convenient, making it a hit with consumers and manufacturers alike.

Manufacturers of fresh produce can choose from several packaging options such as Horizontal Flow Packs (HFFS), Vertical Flow Packs (VFFS), MAP packing, tray sealing, and stretch film.

Horizontal Flow Packs (HFFS) for Fresh Produce

Horizontal Flow Packs or HFFS are inclusive of stand-up pouches and pouches with gusseted bottoms. These packs easily draw the consumer’s eyes as they can be stored and displayed very easily. Perfect for packaging precut produce or purees and juices, HFFS can be customized.

Vertical Flow Packs (VFFS) for Fresh Produce

Ideal for storing loose products, Vertical Flow Packs or VFFS are high-quality packaging options. Vertical Flow Packs are great for packaging small and loose vegetables that are sold together, such as lemons, grapes, or peeled garlic cloves. This type of packaging is not easily punctured or damaged, making it highly durable.

MAP Packing for Fresh Produce

MAP or Modified Atmosphere Packaging uses a blend of pure gases such as oxygen, carbon dioxide and nitrogen within a high barrier package to extend the shelf-life of products such as fresh produce, without the addition of preservatives or chemicals. The gases allow the foods to respire, keeping them fresh for longer and extending their expiry, while also locking in their taste and nutritional goodness.

Tray Sealing for Fresh Produce

Tray sealing is commonly used for meat and fresh produce packaging and is ideal for storage. Great for both liquids and solids, it is highly durable and convenient. Made by sealing plastic film to the tray’s edge, tray sealing protects produce from external contamination as it is resistant to leaks and securely seals the product.

Stretch Film for Fresh Produce

Ideal for reducing spoilage, stretch film is a highly stretchable plastic film, wrapped around produce to keep them tightly bound, which makes them popular in the packaging of loose goods. Stretch films are generally used for their tamper-evident nature, ensuring customers of the safety and unspoilt nature of the product. In addition to keeping produce securely wrapped, stretch film is also transparent, attracting customers with an easy view of the product’s quality. This also allows for easy recognition of brands. Stretch film is available as both cast stretch wrap and blown-stretch wrap.


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