Ready-to-Eat Meals Packaging

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In a world that seemingly runs at double speed, there are days when cooking a meal can be time-consuming and inconvenient. Luckily, ready-to-eat meals can save the day in such cases, with an increasing percentage of people depending on such packages for a quick and efficient meal.

With ready-to-eat meals, it’s highly important to retain the freshness, flavor and nutritional content of the food, while keeping it safe from external contamination. We solve these problems by offering you innovative and convenient ready meal packaging solutions that combine simplicity and efficiency. Our hygienic, flexible and high-quality meals packaging is guaranteed to retain the goodness of your products and keep your customers coming back for more.

Ready-to-eat meals are available in several packaging options such as Horizontal Flow Packs (HFFS), Vertical Flow Packs (VFFS), thermoforming, tray sealing, and stretch film for TV dinner packaging and frozen dinner packaging.

Horizontal Flow Packs (HFFS) for Ready-to-Eat Meals

Horizontal Flow Packs or HFFS are designed to attract customers with their convenience and ease-of-use. Attractive on supermarket shelves, this kind of packaging includes stand-up pouches and pouches with gusseted bottoms that have a wide bottom and can thus, stand on their own without additional support. With tear-away notches or zipper style notches, HFFS can be customized to fit product requirements.

Vertical Flow Packs (VFFS) for Ready-to-Eat Meals

Vertical Flow Packs or VFFS are high-quality packaging options ideal for storing granulated, loose, doughy or tough-to-handle products. Vertical Flow Packs are so-called because of the packing machines that use a single film coil in a way that results in two cross-weldings and one longitudinal welding.

Thermoforming for Ready-to-Eat Meals

A process wherein plastic sheets are heated to make them pliable so as to mold them fittingly around various products, thermoforming packaging has a wide range of uses across various industries. For retail products, transparent thermoforming is ideal, letting customers immediately recognize the product and brand. Such packaging also ensures durability, keeping food fresh and free from contamination. Products can also be packaged with opaque plastic to protect from the effects of light.

Tray Sealing for Ready-to-Eat Meals

Tray sealing refers to the packaging wherein plastic film is sealed on the edge of the tray that the product is contained in, making for a leak-resistant and securely sealed package. Commonly used for fresh produce and meat packaging, tray sealing packaging is optimal for storage, and is highly durable and convenient for both liquids and solids alike.

Stretch Film for Ready-to-Eat Meals

A highly stretchable plastic film, stretch film is wrapped around items, keeping them tightly bound. Commonly used to wrap and secure products to the pallets, stretch reduces the loss of products and is tamper evident, ensuring consumer safety. Available as cast stretch wrap or blown-stretch wrap, stretch film keeps products securely wrapped and is transparent, allowing customers to easily recognize products and brands.


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