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Spices add variety to food, elevating taste and texture to a whole new level. Prevalent in almost all cuisines around the world, spices today are 1 million-ton industry, generating $3.2 billion the world over. The flavor and aroma of spices is their key selling point, which makes it highly important to preserve these qualities with the right packaging, ensuring that consumers can still enjoy the wholesomeness of spices when they pick them off supermarket shelves.

As a spices packaging company, we offer manufacturers of spices efficient, convenient and innovative packaging that attracts customers with its simplicity. Ground, dried, fresh, whole, roasted or powdered, our high-quality packaging keeps your product in excellent condition from the time it is packaged till the time it hits your customers’ palettes!

Manufacturers can choose from options such as stand-up pouches, heavy duty ziplock bags, tear notches and pour spouts for their products.

Stand-Up Pouches for Spices

Stand-up pouches contain multiple layers of laminated film barriers, protecting spices and seasonings from the effects of oxygen, moisture, and odor. Customizable as per individual product needs, stand-up pouches provide a durable and puncture-resistant packaging option that keeps out the bad and locks in the good!

Heavy Duty Ziplock Bags for Spices

Heavy duty ziplock bags have a thickness of 4 mils, making them strong and puncture-resistant. These bags are ideal for locking in flavor and aroma and are available in different sizes and shapes, as per product requirements. Resealable and reusable, this type of packaging is highly economical and convenient.

Tear Notches for Spices

Tear notches are a highly flexible type of packaging that facilitates for easy opening of the packet without compromising on its storage quality. The tear notches can be positioned as per requirements on the packaging, though a linear tear that tears away neatly without partial or off-center tearing is the most popular. Tear notches allow customers to store and use spices for longer without any adverse impact on the flavor, aroma and quality of the spices.

Pour Spouts for Spices

Generally used in the packaging of liquids, pour spouts are equally efficient in spice packaging bags. These spice packaging supplies are versatile and facilitate easy extraction of the product from the packaging without any spillage or leakage. Pour spouts can be customized with regard to size and their positioning on the package, depending on the product and manufacturer’s needs. Ideal for both single-serve and extended-use products, pour spouts are a convenient and easy form of spice packaging supplies.


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