Tea Packaging

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One of the most popular beverages in the world, the global tea industry is worth $38.84 billion and is expected to grow by 2.8% by 2020; figures that are a testimony to the increasing popularity of tea.

Though tea is available in different varieties, two common things that all customers associate with tea are strong flavor and an alluring aroma. To ensure that these qualities stay intact from the time they are picked and packaged till the time they are enjoyed by customers, efficient packaging is required; packaging that is hygienic and protects the product from the external environment yet provides a conducive environment within the packaging for the product.

As a company that offers tea packaging solutions, we give manufacturers of tea simple yet innovative, convenient yet high-quality packaging that attracts customers. Manufacturers can choose from options such as traditional tea bags, stick packs and sachets.

Traditional Tea Bags for Tea

Traditional tea bags allow for easy infusion of tea leaves without the extra burden of having to painstakingly strain out loose tea leaves. Small and sealed, these bags are porous to allow easy infusion, yet prevent tea leaves from escaping from the bag into the brew. The attached string facilitates easy removal of the bag post steeping. Usually square or rectangular in shape, tea bags can be printed with the brand name, flavor and decorative patterns on it, without compromising on their safety to consumers.

Stick Packs for Tea

Small, portable and convenient, stick packs are ideal for today’s on-the-go consumer. Perfect for single serves, stick packs, also called stick pouches, are disposable and require up to 40% lesser flexible packaging material than other equivalent rectangular pouches. Their convenient nature allows customers to carry their cup of brew with them and enjoy the goodness of tea whenever they choose to do so, especially while traveling!

Sachets for Tea

Sachets are small bags made of multiple layers of polymer films, generally three or four layers. These bags are waterproof and have high barrier qualities, preserving the excellent quality of the tea leaves inside and extending the product’s shelf life. Available in different standard sizes, the size of the sachets can also be customized as per product requirements.


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