Maryland Packaging Receives Visit from Governor’s Office

For those readers who are familiar with us, you’ve probably heard us talking about the new facility we have opening out here in Halethorpe, Maryland.

It’s been a pretty big deal for us, so we were more than a little excited when we heard we would be receiving a visit from the Governor’s office at the new facility.

During the visit yesterday afternoon, Lieutenant Governor Boyd Rutherford presented our CEO, Marwan Moheyeldien, with an award from the state for _______________________.

It was a proud moment for all of us at Maryland Packaging, and Marwan, in turn, recognized many of the people in the room who had made the grand opening possible, including Director of Facilities, Bill Patrick, who has been at the helm finding the right equipment for our second facility, getting it in, and working around the clock to get everything up and running.

Also in attendance were local business owners [who was the other business there, besides Capital City?] and Capital City.

An important theme for us during the visit was an emphasis on entrepreneurship, job creation, and putting ideas into action. As a company whose foundation lies in helping businesses of every size grow and turn great recipes into real product, this hit home.

During the tour Marwan gave of the facility (what visit would be complete without a great tour!), he spoke excitedly about how the technology we use has the potential to make a difference in the community outside of us.

Among the many things he discussed was how our HPP technology can be used to keep fresh foods from spoiling without the need for preservatives or heat treatments. This can help reduce a tremendous amount of food waste. That means that more of the food that’s grown in farms can make it to Maryland tables before it turns.

That’s good news for the environment.

It can also make a difference when it comes to getting food to people who otherwise might not know where their next meal is coming from. Marwan expressed to the Lieutenant Governor his vision for taking those same fresh foods that might have spoiled without High Pressure Processing and bringing them to local schools.

With the extra shelf life provided by HPP, these meals can be made available to students in need months after they were prepared – without losing taste, quality, or nutrient content.

And, of course, it means new solutions for local entrepreneurs looking to grow and thrive in the food industry.

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