Baby Food Packaging

Baby food businesses can choose from baby food pouches such as liquid pouches, retort packaging, stickpacks for single-serve baby formula, and stand up pouches options in our baby food packaging range.


Your Complete Baby Food Partner from Manufacturing to Packaging

At Maryland Packaging, we offer baby food manufacturers innovative, leak-resistant and convenient packaging that combines simplicity and efficiency. Whether puréed, liquid or powdered, our hygienic, flexible and high-quality packaging is guaranteed to perform the dual functions of protecting your product, as well as making your customers happy by focusing on their needs and providing effective solutions to their babies’ food needs.  

Liquid Pouches for Baby Food

applesauce pouch packaging

Light, portable, and customizable, liquid pouches extend the shelf-life of baby food products, making them perfect for busy parents. These baby food pouches can be spouted and fitmented (featuring a recloseable top that makes it easy for customers to use and store or for their babies to suck or drink directly from), have tear-away notches, or resealable zippers.

Stickpacks for Baby Formula

baby formula stickpacksStickpacks are the perfect packaging option for one serving of baby food, reducing any possible burden to the customer arising out of carrying larger-than-necessary baby food pouches or packs. Easy to use and occupying minimal space, stickpacks feature an easy-to-tear top that allows for portability and convenience anywhere, anytime.

Retort Packaging for Baby Food

stand up pouches baby foodRetort packaging is a modern and sustainable baby food packaging option that offers customers the convenience of cook-in microwaving. Designed for safety and convenience, this packaging features either an easy-open directional tear for single use or a recloseable cap for multiple uses, and is available as rollstock pouches (clear or opaque, foil or non-foil) or with a tray and lidding system.

Stand-up Pouch for Baby Food

stand up packs baby foodStand-up pouches ensure easy storage and keep baby food free of contamination. These pouches keep away the external bacteria while locking in the nutritional value of the baby food, making them ideal for extended storage and thereby cutting down on supermarket trips and expenses. These baby food pouches minimize spillage due to their stiff bottoms that allow for stand-up storage.

Helping Baby Food Businesses Sell the Perfect Product

Today’s parents want the best for their little ones, spending ample time and effort in researching and searching for the best options to not only fill their babies’ tummies but also keep them in good health and well-being. Healthy food is one of the main dictators of your baby’s good health and for today’s active and busy parents, safe, convenient and efficient baby food packaging is of utmost importance to retain the freshness and healthiness of their little one’s food. 


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